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At Express Garage Door Repair, we provide garage door cables of all types and sizes so that we can replace them the same day, saving you time and money in the long term. Our trained experts have a wide range of high-quality cables on hand to complete work promptly and effectively. In addition, we offer warranties on both labor and materials to give you peace of mind about our services. Did you know that garage doors are complex mechanisms with many working parts? They’re all necessary for opening and closing the garage door. Garage door cables specifically control this movement.

A garage door cable typically catches the garage door if the garage door springs break. There’s sure to be snapped garage door cables when this happens. The sheer weight of the garage door smashing down will do it, and there isn’t much you can do about it. Often, garage door cable repair focuses on replacing the old cables or broken cables with new ones. That way, you can be confident that they’re long-lasting and sturdy. Garage door cable replacement is commonly done to fix uncoiled wires, blocked garage door system, and a variety of other concerns.

If your garage door cables are damaged, always remember to get them inspected by Express Garage Door Repair as soon as possible. We offer installation of new garage door cables so that your garage door works smoothly again.

Garage Door Cable Issues

Like every other gear that is consistently used, garage door cables are prone to wear and tear damages that come over time. The following are the three main types:

Broken Cables

Broken & fried garage door cables are usually the outcome of using the garage door on a daily matter. Having to bear the weight of the door, it is no wonder that the cables are prone to wear & tear issues. If you are starting to see small ruptures in the cables, it is better to replace them before they snap and cause a bigger problem.

frayed garage door cable

Rusted Cables

Rust is another issue that can shorten the lifespan of your cables, especially if your garage environment is humid. If you are starting to see rust on your cables and ignore it, the cables might suddenly snap one day. However, unlike the other problems, this one is can be avoided if you use an anti-rust spray every several months.

rust garage door cables

Jammed Cables

Jammed cables are the result of broken springs or of a garage door that hit an object under it while closing. While this issue isn’t major and the cables can usually be repaired, you still won’t be able to operate your door until it is fixed. The cables can be dangerous to handle, so we recommend letting a professional handle the repair.

jammed garage door cable

What are the different types of garage door cables?

Torsion Spring Cables

In most garage doors, torsion springs are utilized. The cables are in charge of winding up the torsion springs. When the torsions unwind, they release energy that has been stored inside them, allowing the garage door to rise when it is opened. At the bottom corners of the garage door, you can now see the torsion spring wires.

Extension Spring Cables

Extension springs function in the same way as torsion springs by contracting and expanding to open and close garage doors, respectively. They are usually side-mounted onto the door. Extension spring systems take up less space than torsion cables and are generally not as safe. If extension cables break, the detached spring could damage your property..

Other types of garage door cables

Lifting Cable: The lifting cable is the first one to snap because it undergoes a lot of tension. It’s responsible for opening and closing the garage door by using the axle.

Emergency Release Cable: This garage door’s main cable is a remote-release rope. The spring mechanism isn’t required to operate the garage door manually; instead, this garage door cable enables homeowners to do so.

Safety Cable: The safety cable is an important component of an extension garage door spring. It consists of an extension spring, a safety or retaining cable, and a locking mechanism. When the main garage door cable breaks, this component acts as a backup by keeping the garage door spring from sliding down.

Why Trust Us To Repair Your Garage Door Cables?

Repairing broken garage door cables isn’t a simple task and it should be left for professionals. Our team is built from experts with years of experience in the field which are available at your disposal 7-day a week, with no extra charge on the weekends. Call us now to receive a same-day visit from one of our technicians.

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