Garage Door Cable Repair Burlington NJ

Installing or replacing garage door cables is an important task that requires experience and proper training. Garage door cables can have a variety of issues which all lead to the same result – you not being able to open your garage door. If you are facing problems with your garage door cables, reach us today to receive same-day service from one of our licensed & professional techs.

Garage Door
Cable Issues

Like every other gear that is consistently used, garage door cables are prone to wear and tear damages that come over time. The following are the three main types:

Broken Cables

Broken & fried garage door cables are usually the outcome of using the garage door on a daily matter. Having to bear the weight of the door, it is no wonder that the cables are prone to wear & tear issues. If you are starting to see small ruptures in the cables, it is better to replace them before they snap and cause a bigger problem.

frayed garage door cable

Rusted Cables

Rust is another issue that can shorten the lifespan of your cables, especially if your garage environment is humid. If you are starting to see rust on your cables and ignore it, the cables might suddenly snap one day. However, unlike the other problems, this one is can be avoided if you use an anti-rust spray every several months.

rust garage door cables

Jammed Cables

Jammed cables are the result of broken springs or of a garage door that hit an object under it while closing. While this issue isn’t major and the cables can usually be repaired, you still won’t be able to operate your door until it is fixed. The cables can be dangerous to handle, so we recommend letting a professional handle the repair.

jammed garage door cable

Why Trust Us To Repair Your Garage Door Cables?

Repairing garage door cables isn’t a simple task and it should be left for professionals. Our team is built from experts with years of experience in the field which are available at your disposal 7-day a week, with no extra charge on the weekends. Call us now to receive a same-day visit from one of our technicians.

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Garage Door Cable Repair