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Having a broken garage door panel can be a real headache, especially when you think that your only solution is to install a new garage door. Luckily, we at Express Garage Door Repair got a much better solution  Рreplacing the damaged panels. Call us now to receive a same-day visit from one of our experts!

Issues with Garage Door Panels

Most garage doors consist of several panels connected and linked together. The panels, especially the exterior part, are prone to damages as they may contact various things. The most common causes for a damaged panel are the age of the door, weather conditions, and accidents.

Types of Garage Door Panel Damages

Bent or Dented Garage Door Panels

The most common source for a dent or bent garage door panels is weather conditions such as strong winds that carry with them debris. Leaving a dent or bent panel untouched can cause more severe damage to the garage door system in the long run.

Broken Garage Door Panels

Depending on the type of accident, the garage door panels can receive critical damage and break. In these cases, panel replacement is only possible if the frame of the door is still in good shape.

dented garage door panels

Panel Replacement vs Garage Door Replacement

Before deciding to replace the panels or the entire garage door, some factors need to be considered first. Even though panel replacement is usually the more affordable solution in the short term, sometimes it is better to install a new door to save expenses in the long run.

Localized or Widespread Damage

As long as the damage isn’t spread and the other parts of the door are in good condition, the best solution will usually be a panel replacement. The opposite is true for a new door installation.

Availability of Panel Parts

There are cases where it is impossible to find the same type of panels for a garage door, and the only practical solution is to install a new door.

Age of The Garage Door

It makes sense to replace one or two panels of a relatively new garage door, which has many years of use ahead of it. However, some really old garage doors are no longer structurally intact or visually pleasing. It is better to invest in a new garage door than to carry out patchy repair work on an old one.

The Number of Panels Requiring Replacement

When one or two faulty garage door panels need replacing, it makes financial sense to get them individually replaced. On the other hand, if you need to replace multiple panels, it would be more cost-effective to replace the entire door.

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