How to Change Battery in Garage Door Opener Remote

How To Change Battery in Garage Door Opener Remote

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Batteries are an integral part of the function of any electronic device. It serves as a remote power source for handhelds that control the opener. Nevertheless, the battery packs and units of every remote are not infinite. There will come a time where the batteries will degrade and not work correctly. As such, it comes with utmost importance that every garage owner knows the correct information for the remote batteries.


Not all batteries are compatible with every garage door opener remote. Each model and brand may require a specific type of battery to work well. It’s best to always consult and read on the remote’s battery. The last thing you need is to damage the remote control unintentionally by forcing incompatible battery units. Consider this as a guide on how to change the battery of the remote control.

Read the user manual or instructions guide

The first step you can take is to refer to the user manual or instructions guide. All brands and models of door openers and remote controls have this document within the package inclusion. Whether it’s a Chamberlain garage door opener, LiftMaster garage door opener, or Craftsman garage door opener, check the package.

Bring out the document and look at the battery information of the remote control. You must get the exact type and size of the battery for the remote control. Usually, the battery pack is not part of the package; You may need to do an errand towards retail stores, hardware, or any battery center. 

If you can’t find the information on the user guide, bring the guide and remote to the store. You may also bring the old battery so that you can find the same battery pack for purchase.

Steps on how to replace the battery inside the remote-control device

Once you already have the battery package, it’s time to change the remote control battery. Take these steps to make the remote control function with new batteries successfully.

Step 1: Remove the back cover of the remote

Locate the back portion of the remote control and remove the cover. As many brands have different builds and parts, you may need to lift the back cover for other models. For others, there may be a holding screw and partition in place. Nevertheless, lift the cover carefully to avoid damaging the inside.


Step 2: Place the proper side of the battery in the correct terminal

Remove the old battery if you haven’t done so. Place the new battery pack inside the battery slot and keep the charges in mind. Put the battery properly and check the terminals for any potential leaks and damage from the old battery. If you place the new battery, the remote may gain more damages from the new unit.


Step 3: Place back the cover of the remote

Return the cover of the remote control to the right place. Make sure the lid is secure.



Step 4: Test the remote control

Press the remote control buttons to find out if the new batteries work. If the new batteries don’t work, there may be something wrong with the remote control. In another scenario, there may be problems with the battery’s charge. Open the back cover and check again.



Step 5: Consider reprogramming the remote-control device

If the battery change is successful, check the remote control function. You may need to consider a reprogram. There are some available guides about Chamberlain garage door opener programming and LiftMaster garage door opener programming.



Things to consider after the battery replacement

  •  During the battery change, opening the remote control may reveal the device’s condition. If the remote is old and the inside of the remote is corroded, consider replacing it with a new device. Ensure that the replacement remote control is the same as the old one. Not all remote-control models can command and operate all openers, even from the same brand.


  •  Store some spare battery packs for the next replacements of the remote-control handheld. The battery usually runs out at the most unexpected times in the year.


  • Reprogramming the remote-control device or a garage door repair service benefits the entire garage. If you want to ensure that the remote works properly, get a tune-up and professional inspection of the garage.

Call any of the garage door repair companies to assist in the remote-control concerns

There are many services and businesses that specialize in garage door work. If you’re looking for a garage door opener repair and remote-control checkup, it’s best to look for professionals. You have the guarantee that your garage is with experts and technicians who can do efficient work. Moreover, there are affordable garage door services in town. All you need to do is look and inquire, and this includes asking for the correct type of batteries for the remote.