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Garage Door Spring Repair

What Happens When the Springs Break?

Garage door springs exhort a lot of force to support the weight of the door and balance it. When one (or more) of the spring breaks, other parts of the garage door system need to support the door instead, and they aren’t strong enough to do so.

If you want to check the condition of your garage door springs, all you need to do is to look if the springs are in one piece. Alternativity, you can try to lift the garage door by hand and feel if it is heavy or not.

Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

Replacing the garage door springs is a complicated process that needs to be done by professionals who follow strict guidelines. For that reason, all of our technicians use the following best practices.

Replacing Both Springs

Not every garage door spring system uses two springs, but we will have to replace both for the ones who do. The reason is that springs work in sync, and if a spring exhorts a different force from the other one, it will cause the garage door an imbalance and might even pull it off-track.

Garage Door Springs
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Using the Right Garage Door Springs

The strongest and most durable springs aren’t always the right ones, as each garage door differs in weight and size. Due to that fact, our technicians carry with them more than 100 types of springs, so they can install the ones that are suitable for your garage door.

Safety Inspection

We will always start and finish a job with a safety inspection. That way we can ensure that every part of the garage door system works properly and that the garage is safe for use.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two types of garage door springs – extension & torsion. Each type functions differently and has its own advantages.

Extension Springs

Extension springs expand and contract during operation. They stretch out through pulleys and cables, which are usually attached to the corners of the garage door.

extension garage door springs


  • Considerably affordable costs

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are located directly above the garage door. They are coil-shaped, metallic, and a commonplace among homeowners. You can actually see the springs turning when your garage door opens, since it uses torque for movement.

torsion garage door springs


  • Low risk of snapping due to durability
  • It tends to last much longer overall
  • Allows more control for smooth operation

Replacing Extension Springs with Torsion

Torsion springs are the more modern and recommend type of spring between the two., as they are considered safer & stronger. If you want to replace your current extension springs system we’ve got you covered.

What Not to Do After the Springs Break

If your garage door spring breaks, you should exercise severe caution. Due to the weight, a garage door with broken springs can damage the opening gears. Avoid lifting the door manually until you get it repaired.

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

Unless you have vast experience and knowledge with DIY repairs, we can’t stress enough about how much we advise against trying to replace your garage door springs by yourself. During the installation and after, a spring that wasn’t installed properly can cause severe injuries to the people around it. 

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